Company: AirTrunk Singapore Holding PTE LTD.

Duration: Mar 2023 to present

      The Freshwater Mangrove Project expands the AIT Mangrove Museum using a floating platform for carbon-capturing mangrove cultivation, enhancing biodiversity and carbon storage. This initiative also improves the university campus and surrounding urban areas, boosting the overall appeal of the region.


Carbon Capture and Climate Change Mitigation

By leveraging the carbon-sequestration characteristics of mangrove trees, the project actively works towards mitigating climate change, capturing and storing carbon in an ecologically responsible manner.

Urban Development and Aesthetics

The project’s enhancements to the university campus and urban environment contribute to a more attractive and sustainable living space. This can positively impact the quality of life for residents, students, and visitors.

Educational Outreach

The extension of the AIT Mangrove Museum provides a platform for educational initiatives. It can serve as a hub for research, learning, and awareness programs related to mangrove ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate change.