The Entrepreneurship Minor provides students — from any background or area of study — the skills and experience to translate ideas into real impact in the engineering, sciences, business, and society. The Entrepreneurship Minor will be tentatively housed at the School of Engineering and Technology and will be managed by AIT EC as it is the multidisciplinary hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. This Minor will be offered in 2021 and will contain five courses. The first course, In the Mind of an Entrepreneur – An Introduction was launched in the August 2020 semester. This course will also be offered to AIT alumni and external partners with a nominal fee.

The objective of this course is to introduce students into the mind of entrepreneurs and the process from the idea stage to product verification, finance, the first series of manufactured products and way to market. The course is divided in three main chapters: A) The Mind of the Entrepreneur, Ideas and Customer Fit; B) Corporate World and Money; C) Selling, Growing, and Exits.